Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New School Year/New Inspiration

I have just returned from the ICA ClarinetFest in Los Angeles. It was five days packed with all things clarinet. It was fantastic. I am feeling so refreshed, inspired and energized – just in time for the new semester to begin.

What inspires you? We all need to periodically regroup and refresh, to keep the creativity flowing; to maintain the energy needed to practice, rehearse, and perform; to be a performer, teacher, composer. Its an exciting life but it does require an abundance of energy and inspiration. So I ask, what inspires you?

Last week was fantastic. There were spectacular performances of every kind – chamber, solo, orchestral, new music, old music, everything and anything you might want to hear. That inspires me. I saw many people from my past (and present) that I so admire, and to renew those bonds is inspirational. I met new people that are now a part of my musical life – both performers and composers – very inspirational.

I spent some time driving up the Pacific Coast Highway; driving through the canyons to emerge from beautiful mountains to be greeted with the beauty of the Pacific Ocean; swimming with my family in the waves of the ocean. All inspiring.

What inspires you?