Friday, December 23, 2011

Pulse Chamber Music

Well, I have been away for a while…. it’s nice to be back! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!!

Along with preparing for the holidays, I have been preparing for the first concert of my new ensemble – Pulse Chamber Music. It has been so much fun and a HUGE learning experience to launch a new group. We have done everything from website, promotional CD, promotional video, press kit, bookings, publicity, etc. We started this past summer and are excited to be performing our first concert next week.

The members of Pulse, Marina Radiushina, piano, Scott Flavin, violin/viola, and I are all professional musicians and have performed around the world as soloists and with other ensembles. It has been a true joy to put this group together.

As we move further into the 21st century, it is increasingly important for musicians to take their performing lives into their own hands and create performance opportunities for themselves. There is still a love for classical music and I believe there is and will continue to be an audience for it. Its up to us to bring this music to the audience.

It’s an exciting time right now for entrepreneurial musicians. There is so much we can do on our own to further classical music in our society. And just to be clear, by classical I mean everything from chants to music written today. In our concert next week we will perform works by Bruch, Khachaturian and Telemann, as well as several new works – including the premieres of 2 pieces written especially for us.

If anyone has any thoughts/comments/ideas regarding the topic of launching a new group, please share!

If you are so inclined, please visit our website at
And if you are in South Florida, please join us next Thursday, December 29 at 7:30, at the All Saints Episcopal Church, just off Las Olas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale!!

Wishing each of you a truly spectacular 2012!